Board of Directors NEH

Secretary Board of Directors Netherlands School of Economics

Erasmus University Rotterdam has existed in its present form since 1973. Its history, however, dates back to 1913 (more…)

Derksen J.B.D., Dick (Prof.)

Chief of the National Income Unit of the United Nations

J.B.D. Derksen was the chief of the National Income Unit of the United Nations, and was responsible for the national income estimates, (more…)

European Youth Campaign

Organization funded by the CIA front organisation

The European Youth Campaign (EYC) (1951-1958) was an organization funded by the CIA front organisation, American Committee on United Europe (ACUE) (more…)

Frisch R., Ragnar (Prof. Dr.)

Professor at the University of Oslo

Ragnar Anton Kittil Frisch (3 March 1895 – 31 January 1973) was a Norwegian economist and the co-winner with Jan Tinbergen of the first Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1969.


Goudriaan J., Jan (Prof.Dr.Ir.)

Professor of Business Economics at the University of Pretoria

Jan Goudriaan Jr. (1893 – 1974) was a Dutch engineer and professor of Business Economics at the Technical High School in Delft (more…)

Graham B., Benjamin (Prof.)

American economist and professional investor

Benjamin Graham; born Benjamin Grossbaum; (1894 – 1976) was a British-born American economist and professional investor. (more…)

De Groene Amsterdammer


De Groene Amsterdammer is an independent Dutch weekly newsmagazine published in Amsterdam and distributed throughout the Netherlands. (more…)